Common trouble and elimination of non-woven bag making machine

- Sep 27, 2017-

However, because the current market Non-woven bag machine equipment quality is uneven, some production technology is poor, poor quality, low-cost equipment in the long-term use, often the quality of the situation is not guaranteed to be more prone to failure.

Non-woven bag making machine common trouble and elimination:

One, by microcomputer interference

1, may be the motor feed when the speed of slow and non-woven bag making machine interference.

2, it is possible that the voltage frequency is high and low when the interference occurs.

3, may be electrostatic cleaner generated interference.

Second, photoelectric device cannot follow, follow forbid

1. Check whether the product size setting is faulty.

2. Check whether the optical eye sensitivity of the non-woven bag making machine is adjusted well.

3. Check whether the machine regulates the lustful bag mode.

Third, non-woven cloth bag making machine drag material instability

1. Check whether the machine is overweight or not.

2, check the machine's material roller pressure is not enough.

3, check the stepper motor and the drive rubber roller connected to the synchronous belt is loose.

Non-woven bag making machine common trouble and elimination methods are introduced here, the above is just a few common small fault description, for some more serious faults need to be in time for professional maintenance personnel to troubleshoot and repair. Here is a small part to remind you that the purchase of a good equipment for production is very important, at the same time in the day-to-day use of the correct operation, regular maintenance and reasonable maintenance is also very important, this is related to the future production safety, stability and production efficiency.