Precautions for the use of slitting machines

- Sep 27, 2017-

1. The machine power uses three-phase four-wire system (AC380V) and safe grounding to ensure the safety of operation personnel.

2. The speed of the host should be adjusted to the minimum speed before starting.

3. Install the blade should pay attention to safety, lest the blade scratches

4. The place that needs refueling should be maintained regularly

5. Spindle and round knife use stepless variable speed system, can work high-low speed and positive and negative switch control.

6. Double-sided grinding system, the use of gold steel stone cutting, grinding wheel life of up to two years, the blade without disassembly. Can sharpen, blade long stay sharp, to achieve the best cutting quality. And with the amount of dust, keep the cloth and track clean.

7. Imported ball slide, parallel drive cutting width, with imported precision ball screw and slide, control cutting width and 0.1 mm, achieve high-precision cutting.

8. The use of imported ball slide, parallel thrust cutting stable use of imported AC motor adjustment system stepless adjustment control cutting speed translation and easy to wear, to achieve high quality cutting bar.

9. The operation interface uses the LCD Chinese display, may directly enter several kinds of cutting width and the quantity setting, and has the manual, the automatic conversion function.

10. The use of rapid discharge design, one. Only one action can be done on the material.