Production advantages of Non-woven bag making machine

- Sep 27, 2017-

Now Non-woven bag products are using a professional non-woven bag machine to complete, this equipment is widely used, can process a variety of different specifications and different shapes of non-woven bags, such as flat pockets, gift bags, vest bags, wear rope bags, pillow bags and even roll vest bags and so on.

Non-woven bag making machine is mainly used for processing and production of non-woven bag of a machine equipment, with stable performance, stable operation, strong adaptability, high degree of automation advantages. At the same time, the production capacity of this equipment and finished product quality is also very good, so in the non-woven bag manufacturing industry favored.

Not only that, non-woven bag making machine in the production and processing in addition to the use of convenient, simple operation of the advantages, because of its compact and stable structure, and thus to non-woven bag processing brought more convenience.

In general, Non-woven bag making machine is mainly using ultrasonic and special steel wheel processing, sealing the edge does not crack, no damage to the edge of the cloth, easy to use, good processing quality. At the same time, the machine does not need to reheat treatment, and can also carry out continuous operation, compared to the traditional machine processing can be 5 to 6 times times faster, with low cost, high efficiency advantage.