Technical development of nonwoven bag making machine

- Sep 27, 2017-

From the development process, the technology development of Non-woven bag making machine is developing with the development of society, market demand and technology. Although Non-woven bag-making machine is a non-woven bag industry indispensable equipment, but in the past, in the Non-woven bag industry is made by hand. This method is not only slow, but also a waste of time and labor.

It is precisely because of this, then with the development of science and technology and the promotion of related industries, Non-woven cloth bag making machine has emerged. Since this smart device has been put into production, it has not only speeded up production, but also freed people from heavy labor. After further research and exploration of the production of a high degree of automation Non-woven bag making machine, so that the performance and function of the equipment more perfect, thus creating a greater value for enterprises.

With the Non-woven bag making machine is widely used in the production of people, its technology has also developed more and more good. At present, advanced ultrasonic technology has been used in large-scale nonwoven industry. The general ultrasonic energy belongs to the mechanical vibration energy, the frequency is more than 18000Hz, when applies to the bonding thermoplastic material, such as Non-woven adhesive, usually uses the frequency is 20000Hz.

It is this characteristic that non-woven bag making machine technology development transition to the current situation of ultrasonic technology production, compared to the traditional needle-type cable stitching, today's non-woven bag making machine using ultrasonic bonding, not only the use of needlework, eliminating the line-changing process, and there is no traditional line suture disconnection of the joint situation, The Non-woven fabric can also be trimmed and sealed locally.

Not only that, the use of ultrasonic technology after the Non-woven bag making machine also has the advantage of improving work efficiency and quality, not only to achieve the edge of the seal does not crack, do not hurt the edge of the cloth class of high-quality production, and no burrs, curling phenomenon occurred. At the same time, the ultrasonic bonding effectively avoids the fiber degradation caused by the thermal bonding, the binder layer affects the porosity of the material, and causes the delamination and so on after receiving the shock of the liquid.