Cutting System Of Plastic Bag Making Machine

- Nov 26, 2016-

Cutting system consists of cutter, length adjuster, overrunning clutch, welding line adjustment and so on.

1, Cutter: is the most important part of the system, is the use of moving knives and sliding guide, by the spring pressure of the floating mechanism, the upper and lower knives can be adjusted. The adjustable screw can be used to adjust the tightness of the cutter, which can eliminate the hard cutting of the raw material.

2, Bag length adjuster: The adjustment of the bag length to change the connecting rod sleeve on the eccentric drag plate position to control the bag length, through the elastic handwheel and nut to adjust the bag size.

3, beyond the clutch: overrunning clutch is an important part of the machine, its quality, performance directly affect the product length of the error, but in the use of the process, because of high frequency of work, so its life span also has a certain limit. If the production process of the bag length error (General continuous production after six months), and the exclusion of other faults still can not be resolved, can be opened the clutch inspection, repair.

4, welding line and cutting tangent distance adjustment: The distance between the welding line and the line is generally 5-10mm, rotating the handwheel on the adjusting frame, so that the beam roller axis rise or fall a certain distance, the ideal cutting tangent. In order to be able to observe the quality of the weld line, the single bottom line of the welding line position can be transferred to the machine cutter external end. If the weld line and the bottom line are not parallel, you can loosen the fixed screw of an umbrella gear, and turn the wheel to raise or decrease the end of the cross axis of the beam, and then lock the screw of the gear.

5, Welding knife adjustment method: on the supporting seat pad on a thin paper, with the hand to rotate the body box in the large handwheel to make the welding knife in the lower dead point, loosen the nut, adjust the nut, with the hand test paper the pressure of the two ends of the degree, until about equal. After tuning, tighten the nut to prevent loosening.

6, automatic optical control feeding device: The device by the servo motor, feeding cots, optical control film, blinds, photoelectric tracking machine and electronic control line, its function is to maintain normal delivery of film production process. When the machine is running, when the film delivery speed is too fast to cover the light-controlled rays, the device will issue instructions to stop the motor from turning the feed.