The Involvement Of Non-woven Bag Making Machine

- Nov 22, 2015-

At present, the domestic Non-woven bag machine units of the connection between the majority of the use of mechanical transmission, the entire product through a variety of transmission shafts, conveyor belts for production. Taking into account the equipment's heat dissipation, maintenance operation is convenient, most of the equipment does not add protection devices, a considerable part of the rotating device exposed outside, if the violation of operation, very easy to cause involvement in injury.

This kind of safety risk includes: belt pulley or drive chain involvement injury; mixer Motor Pulley is involved in the injury; single-sided machine pedal without guardrail involved in injury, drying road import conveyor belt involved in injury, stacking machine export conveyor belt involved in injury, slotting device, Non-woven fabric when involved in injury, slotting knife without lid collision or involved in injury.

The results show that the involvement of injury accounted for 50% of the accident rate, and 90% of them were caused by illegal operation. Most of these injuries are caused by the lack of normal operation of the Non-woven bag making machine.

Or in the use of Non-woven bag machine slitting, attention is not concentrated, hard to grasp, resulting in the hand immediately into the line of the machine bearing, causing injury, and also in the shutdown after the boot did not ring, causing involvement in harm.