The Use Of Non-woven Bag Making Machine

- May 11, 2016-

From the literal point of view, the Non-woven bag making machine is used for the non-woven fabric bag processing, however, non-woven bag making machine is not a single use, the general processing of raw materials for non-woven fabrics, but the machine can process a variety of different specifications, different models of non-woven bags, such as: flat pockets, gift bags, handbags, vest bags, wear rope shoe bags, Pillow bags and even roll vest bags.

At present, Non-woven bag-making machine has been very perfect to automate the control system and the application of ultrasonic technology organic combination, to explore a new Non-woven production process, with a more than one-machine advantage, thus non-woven bag machine can also be used in a part of plastic bag processing.