Roll Bag Making Machine

Roll Bag Making Machine

Roll bag making machine 1. Machine Introduction It is used for producing vest bags and flat-opening bags with printing. The main motor adopts frequency conversion motor to save more electricity and regulate speed more freely. The color code tracker with good performance makes the sealing and...
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Roll bag making machine

1. Machine Introduction

It is used for producing vest bags and flat-opening bags with printing. The main motor adopts frequency

conversion motor to save more electricity and regulate speed more freely. The color code tracker with

good performance makes the sealing and cutting length more accurately and the error smaller. It adopts 

advanced computer to adjust length more freely and accurately. 


2. Machine Advantages

1, We use stronger steel plate for machine body, which make machine more stable

2, Computer controlling, more accurate and precise. 

3, Yasawa servo motor and driver controlling, which make the cutting more accurate.

4, Electric parst is CHINT, best supplier in China.

5, Easy to operate, one woker is enough

4. Machine Details 


3.unwinder parts with spring type tension controlling

Sealing parts: High quality copper for sealing knife, longer life.

Cutting parts: there are flat bag cutting and vest bag cutting

Rewinder Parts: it can do non core and paper core rolls